Kerns Capital Management was founded by in 1996 to provide advisory services to corporate pension plans, including fiduciary oversight and investment management. This attention to prudence and our appreciation for the wealth devastation of bear markets has guided us in our evolution and in our development of product designed to help investors grow … and protect … their portfolios. 

As explained more fully on our Philosophy page, we have been able to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by consistently operating as an active rather than a passive money manager.

For example, we opened the KCM Macro Trends Fund in August 2008 just prior to the financial meltdown that led to the Great Recession.  We are proud to say that we helped save investors a lot of money compared to passive indexers during the 2008-09 bear market, which in turn kept them engaged and primed for the next bull market.

Today, volatility has returned to the markets as the bull which began in 2009 gets long in the tooth. Going forward, we believe our strategies will enable investors to diversify in such a way that they do not have to accept the bear market fate of the passive indexer.

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